188金宝搏手机端元素是一个世界领先的独立providers of testing, inspection and certification services. We provide services to a diverse range of industries, where failure in service is not an option. We help to make certain that the materials and products we test, inspect and certify for customers are safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose.







Act honestly and fairly to do the right thing






As one of our core values, integrity is reflected in the company’s culture of ethical behavior. We conduct business activities in a large number of jurisdictions across the world and operate in a wide range of legal and business environments. Our commitment to integrity ensures that consistently high standards are maintained.



Element is a member of theTIC Council, an international association representing independent testing, inspection and certification companies. Element was accepted as a member of the TIC Council with effect from 1 October 2020. Members of the TIC Council must implement and abide by the TIC Council Compliance Code (First edition) issued by the TIC Council in December 2018.


  • Integrity- 至act in a professional, independent and impartial manner in all activities.
  • Conflicts of Interest-to avoid actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Confidentiality and data protection-尊重客户信息的机密性和隐私。
  • Anti-bribery-a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption in all business dealings and relationships.
  • Competition and Fair Business Conduct- 遵守与公平竞争,反信托和招标有关的所有规则。
  • 健康和安全-to protect the health and safety of colleagues, customers and third parties.
  • Fair Labour-a zero tolerance approach to abuse, bullying or harassment in the workplace. Equal opportunities in the workplace, compliance with minimum wage legislation and prohibition of forced and compulsory labour.


188金宝搏手机端元素建立了各种各样的政策,程序和指导方针,其中列出了我们如何运作 - 我们的人民的预期,以及他们可以从因素的期望回报。他们经常更新和常规地传达给同事。主要政策,程序和指南一直在一起行为守则, which reflects our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity wherever we operate.

Modern Slavery and Supply Chain


  • 不得使用童工;
  • 不得使用任何形式的强迫或义务劳动;
  • 护照,签证和其他个人文件不应从员工中取出雇员,除非要求雇员持有保管目的;
  • 所有形式的债务束缚是禁止的;
  • 赔偿和福利必须遵守与最低工资,加班时间和其他福利有关的当地法律;和
  • 应尊重工会和集体议价权力的形成。


Element is committed to conducting business to the highest possible ethical and business standards. We have therefore adopted a供应商行为准则阐述我们希望供应商关注的行为和原则。商品和服务,承包商,合资伙伴,顾问,顾问和由元素所订立的所有其他第三方的供应商预计将遵守本供应商行为准则所载的原则,并鼓励开发自己的代码,政策和程序188金宝搏手机端遵守本供应商行为准则的原则。

Confidential Whistleblower Service

We provide a confidential whistleblower service, which is managed by a specialist third party provider, across our global business, giving all colleagues and third parties the opportunity to raise concerns. The service encompasses a telephone hotline, email and web-based reporting facility and is available in relevant languages in all countries in which Element has a presence. This service may be used to report incidents of wrongdoing including fraud, bribery & corruption, discrimination, bullying or harassment, supplier labor practices, modern slavery, tax evasion, breach of competition laws, health, safety and quality matters and environmental concerns. Any whistleblowing reports are reviewed and investigated appropriately.


Alternatively, to contact the confidential Element Whistleblowing Hotline provided by Safecall, pleaseclick here